MARQUETTE– One local business celebrated moving Tuesday afternoon with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Gophers celebrated the move to their new location on Washington Street. Owners Gemma and Eric Martello say they switched locations for better foot traffic and a larger bakery that allows them to sell new sweets. They say they are very excited to be at their new location.

“We’re hoping to provide Marquette with happiness really,” said co–owner Gemma Martello. “We love what we do in selling cupcakes and those little treats to make your day just a little bit better.”

“We got a lot more of the individual stuff like she said, we got cupcakes, not only cupcakes, we got cannolies, cream puffs, tons of individual stuff,” said co–owner Eric Martello. “So, more than just the whole cakes and sliced cakes that we used to be doing.”

Gophers Bakery does do wedding and birthday cakes. The owners say it took a few months of planning to get moved and they are thankful for all the support they have received.