Adoption Day event brings together families

MARQUETTE — There are over 12,000 Michigan kids in foster care right now and at least 300 of them are looking for their forever homes. In honor of National Adoption Day Judge Cheryl Hill held a reception in the Marquette County Probate Court this afternoon.

The goal of the reception was to honor and support adoptive families as well as provide information to families who might be looking to adopt.

Judge Hill said that adoption provides a valuable resource to children, a stable and loving family.

“Permanency, a child needs a permanent home, someplace to look to for love and support and we strive for that,” said Marquette County Probate Judge Cheryl Hill, “There’s nothing worse than not knowing where you belong; but as soon as you’re adopted you know where you permanently belong.”

National Adoption Day happens every November, but the date is decided by the state Supreme Court every year. If you’re thinking about adopting a child but don’t know where to start, there are resources for you.

The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange is one place to start, the link to that website can be found here.

Or you can contact the Marquette County Probation Court, their number is (906) 225-8300.

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