Redettes’ Huebner, Wiggins sign NLIs

MARQUETTE — Two National Letters of Intent were signed at Marquette Senior High School for two different sports.

Amber Huebner has signed her National Letter of Intent to play basketball at Northern Michigan University. She says it’s great that she isn’t going too far to continue playing at the collegiate level.

“I visited with Northern and really liked the coaching staff. I met a couple of the girls, which I really liked. It’s just a relief to be signed with such a great program,” Huebner said.

“It’s really fun to be a part of, and selfishly it’s really nice when they are able to stay kind of in a our backyard so we can watch them and see them grow in the four years there,” said Marquette girls basketball coach Ben Smith.

Chelsea Wiggins signed her NLI to play division one softball at Oakland University. She was nervous at first, but she is confident and proud to represent the U.P.

“It hit me mostly last summer when I had to play against other girls that are all going to D1. You just realize who your competition is and that you are equal to them. And it feels great coming from the U.P. I can go D1 and represent from the Upper Peninsula,” Wiggins said.

“I know it all helps. Kids come to our games and they really enjoy it. And now to see a girl go to division one, it should certainly help bolster that. It’s something for them to shoot for, look forward to and it makes the game more fun for them,” said Marquette softball coach Paul Siebert.