HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech is considered a “Military Friendly” school. They showed that by honoring veterans Friday.

There are roughly 600 alumni veterans of Michigan Tech. To honor all of those who have served or are currently serving a ceremony was held on campus to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

MTU Career Ambassadors President Rachel Kolb said, “It’s a good way to honor vets. This isn’t really a holiday you can celebrate by yourself so it’s nice to get a good group together and get a community like this together to raise awareness and just to honor our local veterans.”

The Husky Pep Band played the national anthem while the Army and Air Force ROTC’s presented the colors. Afterward people were encouraged to write a Thank You postcard to veterans and enjoy a cupcake.

The second annual event was sponsored by Nucor Corporation and organized by Michigan Tech’s Career Ambassadors.

MTU Career Ambassadors Event Coordinator Brittany Frost said, “I wanted everyone on campus to be aware of Veteran’s Day so they’ll take a chance out of their busy day to stop and remember the veterans; and also with the cards, we’re sending 1,500 Thank You cards out to Michigan Tech alumni and local veterans and I think that’s really important.”

Michigan Tech was also just named a “Military Friendly” school by Victory Media for the third time.