TILDEN TOWNSHIP — We Energies gave a presentation last night to the citizens of Tilden Township regarding the potential natural gas power plant that would be placed in the area.

If approved, this natural gas fired power-generation plant would be placed at the corner of country road P-G and P-I. This over two-hundred million dollar project is part of a broader plan to provide reliable power pending the decommissioning of the Presque isle Power Facility in Marquette.

While citizens voiced their concerns last night regarding its impact on their rural area, We energies wanted to bring the benefits of this plant to the citizens attention. These benefits include – providing certainty and stability for the region, improving regional air quality, and potentially providing tax revenue for local establishments, such as NICE Public Schools.

“Tilden is a robust location for these natural gas plants, it has the infrastructure that we need like transmission and natural gas for this type of project. So it really is a great spot for us to put this gas plant,” said Spokesperson, WEC Energy Group.

One major concern that the citizens have with the plant is the unknown noise that could be brought into the area. According to We Energies, they are still working on the technicalities to make the plant as quiet as possible.

“We’re working with about a 50 decibel scale, at last night’s meeting we discussed some of the neighbors concerns about that. If you look at oCA standards, 40 decibels is a loud whisper, so it would just be above that,” said Jahns.

This proposal is still in the very early stages, right now We Energies is working on communicating with Tilden Township residents along with community officials to get the needed approvals to embark on the project.