Local senator calling for investigation of Capitol View office building

LANSING — New information is out about new offices for the Michigan Senate and one local representative is calling for an investigation.

State Representative Scott Dianda says the deal to relocate the Michigan Senate offices doesn’t pass the smell test.

New information regarding the details of the deal show the Republican-controlled Senate will spend $134 million over the next 30 years for the new offices. and the developer will also manage the property for over a million dollars a year.

Dianda says the developer is a Republican Party donor.

State Representative Scott Dianda said, “The A.G.’s (Attorney General) office has dragged their feet on wanting to report on this. And now this blueprint shows why, because I think there was too many people that had knowledge of what was going on with this agreement now that it has been put out there online, and there’s been too much money—that the political donations have been made to top Republican leadership.”

Dianda also says former Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville, who signed the purchase agreement, is now working as a consultant for the developer.

Also, surprisingly, the original bid was reportedly submitted for a lease of the office space at about $16 a square foot. After the bid was awarded, the project was changed to a $41 million dollar purchase, or more than $320 a square foot.

Dianda said, “This is something that is just so blatantly wrong, that needs to be taken up. The Attorney General has to take this up and investigate it with the state police and put a stop to this.”

Dianda has called for a hearing on the issue. So far, his call has gone unanswered.