‘Hillary Slingshot’ on display in U.P. man’s front yard

L’ANSE — It’s that time of the year, when people decorate their houses and yards to celebrate the holiday season.

One display, on Main Street in the Village of L’Anse, is decorated all in the name of politics. Sonny Thoren put up this display on Halloween.

It depicts sending Hillary Clinton to prison, courtesy of a giant slingshot. The display has garnered the attention of his neighbors and people who just so happen to be driving through the neighborhood.

“Actually it’s far better than I thought it was going to be,” said Thoren. “It worked out really good.”

Come Tuesday, which is Election Day, Sonny plans on taking Hillary and sending her into the sky.

“We’re not launching the chair. The dummy is only full of leaves, so there’s no weight. We can’t damage anything,” Thoren said.

Thoren has been a Yooper all of his life. He served his country with a stint in the United States Navy.

Between now and Election Day, Sonny has to make one major modification to his slingshot.

“I was hoping to have the bungee cord ready to go this morning to have a practice shot, but my tree climber didn’t show up and I wasn’t going up there,” he said.

They plan on launching Hillary Clinton at noon on Tuesday. As for Sonny, he says the candidate he’s voted for in every presidential election has never won the presidency.