Judge: Plea agreement ‘too lenient’ in assault case

MARQUETTE — Too lenient. That’s what a Marquette County Judge called the sentencing agreement for David Hunter, 21, who pleaded no contest earlier this year to one count of aggravated assault after an incident at a local restaurant in Marquette back in January.

Hunter was charged with one count of aggravated assault in April. Hunter, and Leon Hall were accused of assaulting a man at Coco’s Restaurant on January 30th. Hunter and Hall both entered no contest pleas to the assault charge.

Per a plea agreement, Hunter was set to receive 12 months probation.

“He does I believe have remorse for what happened and what came out of what should have been a very minor incident and turned into something that put the victim in a situation he probably did not anticipate,” said Robert Juidici, Hunter’s attorney.

“I would just like to apologize for my actions in the altercation,” said Hunter. “I ask that you be lenient on the sentencing and whatever you give me I will comply.”

District Court Judge Karl Weber decided to deviate from the sentencing agreement, calling it ‘too lenient.’

“Because of the assault and the nature of it and how it occurred with injuries to the victim, in the court’s mind, it’s too lenient and I can’t go along with it,” said Weber. “I would be prepared to accept something along the lines that you would serve a weekend of jail time.”

After a brief recess, Hunter accepted Judge Weber’s addition of jail time to his sentence. He will serve four days in the Marquette County Jail, in addition to 12 months probation plus court fines and costs.

Hunter will be released from custody on Sunday. As for Leon Hall, a bench warrant is currently out for his arrest.

Hall failed to appear for his sentencing last month.