HARRIS — There was quite the commotion at the Island Resort and Casino this morning, but this time the excitement was outside.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s really a great asset to the entire community,” said Escanaba Township Volunteer Fire Department Ladder Captain Tom Sealander

Today was a big day for members of the Escanaba Township Volunteer Fire Department and the Hannahville Indian Community. They were at the Island Resort and Casino to show their new equipment, a truck that was bought at the end of July and ladder equipment that could reach up around 100 yards and spray water at multiple angles.

“So we’re just gonna take and see what floor we can get to,” Sealander said.

The truck itself was around one million dollars, paid for by the Besse Foundation and the ladder equipment was bought separately, paid for by grants from the Hannahville Indian Community. Even though the truck is owned by the Escanaba Township Volunteer Fire Department, it could respond to all over Delta and Menominee County.

“They all work together,” said David Anthony, Director of Community Development and Government Affairs for the Hannahville Indian Community, “There is a mutual response agreement between the local fire departments.”

Part of the demonstration included rides for those brave enough.

“When we used to ventilate a roof, we’d have to climb up on the roof with a fire going inside of it,” Sealander said, “Dangerous situation even off hand ladders.”

This equipment can change that. Because firefighters can spray water in up to a ninety degree angle; it could also reduce the amount of time that firefighters have to spend in burning buildings.

“It’s great excitement, you know hopefully this equipment will never have to be used,” Anthony said, “But if it is ever needed, we have it.”