Pfister Claims Kivela Plans to Switch Parties

Republican candidate Kevin Pfister For 109th State House Of Representatives claims State Representative John Kivela plans to switch parties. "In the next year John Kivela will switch to the Republican Party." Learn more about what the two candidates said on this week's episode of #ABC10InFocus.

Posted by ABC10 & CW5 UP on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ISHPEMING — With Election Day just two and a half weeks away, the races on both a national and local level are heating up.

ABC 10’s Chelsea Birdsall had the Republican and Democrat candidates for the 109th District State Seat in the studio for the upcoming episode of In Focus.

Republican candidate Kevin Pfister is up against democratic incumbent John Kivela for the seat.

U.P. native and long–time volunteer for the Republican Party, Pfister talked policy and his dedication to protecting the second amendment.

“I believe in the right to bear arms, it’s a constitutional right. It’s no different than freedom of speech or any other right,” Pfister said. “My issue is there’s a lot of rules and regulations that don’t necessarily give us the freedoms that we should have under the second amendment.”

And his opponent looking for reelection for his third and final term in the Michigan House of Representatives reflected on his previous two terms.

“More than anything, I promised I’d work with anyone to bring results back to Upper Michigan, across the aisle, with my colleagues, whatever it took. And I’ve been able to do that,” said Kivela.

To hear more about what the candidates are saying about their policies, tune into this week’s episode of In Focus on ABC Ten this Sunday at noon.