MARQUETTE — The two men running for the 96th District Court seat participated in a candidate forum tonight at Northern Michigan University.

Hopeful district court judge, Derek Swajanen and current district court judge, Karl Weber discussed a variety of topics surrounding the expected roles in this position. Each candidate also went in-depth of their background in law and why they are fit for the seat.

One focal point for Judge Weber was the importance of the collaboration that is currently happening in the Marquette County courts.

“I can assure you the next district judge, me currently, is not going to be bouncing around probation court in the morning, circuit in the afternoon, district court in the late afternoon, it’s not how it works. We’re going to work together, all of us which we currently do,” said current 96th District Court, Karl Weber.

Swajanen explained how the chosen candidate should know all aspects of the Marquette County court system and how past experiences can reflect on the 96th district court seat.

“And know what it looks like, what it is to go behind the scenes of a case and to be fair, to use what you’ve gained to make judgments on other individuals, that can be a tough situation and a tough situation to be in,” said 96th District Court Judge Hopeful, Derek Swajanen.

The public can vote on who they believe is best fit for the position on November eighth.