MARQUETTE– With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in full swing, one local organization is helping out by raising money for breast health.

The Superior Health Foundation is hoping to paint the town pink for October and they’re looking to the community to help out.Throughout the month, local businesses and organizations are able to become day sponsors with a two hundred and fifty dollar donation. Their goal is to raise fifteen–thousand dollars for the Superior Health Foundation’s Breast Health Fund, which helps cover out of pocket breast health expenses for U–P residents.

“The response this year is overwhelming, from business and organizations across the Upper Peninsula,” said SHF Executive Director Jim LaJoie, “some of the unique things that people are doing, that business are doing on their day sponsorship days is selling our pink merchandise, having pink lemonade available, pink cookies, those types of things and also taking up collections in the office.”

Day Sponsors get recognition and a link on the Superior Health Foundation’s website as well as a ‘We Proudly Support Painting the Peninsula Pink’ Decal for their window. At this point the S–H–F is still looking for day sponsors and hope to exceed their goal. If you’d like to become a day sponsor, contact the Superior Health Foundation. You can sign up by calling them at (906) 225-6914 or by going to their website here