An annual celebration is set to return at St. Joseph’s Church, located just south of the new roundabout on US–41.

The 73rd annual St. Joseph’s Bazaar makes its return Wednesday. Volunteers with the church spent Tuesday getting the place ready to go, setting up tables and chairs for all of the events.
There will be a bake sale, a White Elephant room, a couple of book signings and much, much more. Annie Trudell, president of St. Joseph’s Guild, says all of the money raised from the event goes to support a great cause.

“The funds that we collect go back to the community,” said Trudell. “We send money to St. Vincent, the Salvation Army, the Kids for Food Program, so the money is not kept here. It is being distributed, so that’s what we do.”

You can get a homemade lunch at the event for just $5. The Bazaar runs from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.