Public forum held for First Congressional District Election

MARQUETTE — The race for the first congressional district continued tonight as Republican Jack Bergman, Libertarian Diane Bostow, and Democrat Lon Johnson participated in a local debate.

Pressing questions were asked of the candidates, regarding how they plan on dealing with subjects such as the affordable care act, the closing of the Empire Mine and its impact on the local economy, even how they plan on appealing to younger audiences. With election day getting closer, voters are given the chance to hear the candidates in person, rather than following the political advertisements that they are shown on TV.

“We have maintained a positive, issue focused commercial base. We talk about issues, not about people, not whatever it is that’s not important. Because the voters of the first district, they know, they’re smart. They know this country is facing serious problems,” said Republican Congressional Candidate, Jack Bergman.

While one candidate denied the advertisements have been negative in nature, the other agreed and believed the animosity arose from an unnecessary distraction.

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“We’re seeing a lot of negativity because they are trying to distract the voters from the fact that Jack Bergman wants to send social security off to Wall Street. What’s helpful is events like tonight where voters can ask questions and kick the tires if you will, and get straight answers from the candidates just like this one,” said Democratic Congressional Candidate, Lon Johnson.

Regardless of the intentions of these political advertisements, both Bergman and Johnson agreed on how having public forums and debates such as this one, gives the public the chance to hear their beliefs and opinions straight from the source.