HOUGHTON — The Lake Superior Performance Rally returns to the Copper Country this weekend with a big change to make the event more spectator-friendly.

The final stage of the rally will take place along the Houghton waterfront, offering a great view as the cars roar by.

LSPR Co-Chairman Dean Rushford said, “Anywhere south of the street, along Lakeshore (Drive), that has yellow banner tape. Most of the viewing is elevated, so there’s really some awesome places. Up on the parking ramp will be a location.”

To make the event safe for everyone, more than 60 personnel from Houghton and Hancock are taking part.

Rushford said, “Because we’re running close to the canal, we want to let the Sheriff’s Department (know), the Coast Guard. We have personnel available, if need be, just in the slight case that a car diverts down the edge of the waterfront. We have the fire department, the public works that got involved, the police department—so this is a huge undertaking.”

There are several viewing opportunities for the public, including at the Country Inn & Suites in Houghton and the Houghton County Fairgrounds in Hancock Friday afternoon…and the L’Anse Waterfront Saturday morning before the race returns to Houghton.