Grocery store set to debut new services for customers

HARVEY — Mike Schwemin has been in the grocery business at Cherry Creek Market for 33 years. A year ago, Schwemin became the store’s owner, changing the name from Jack’s IGA to Cherry Creek Market.

He says running an independent grocery store does have its challenges when matched up against the bigger grocers.

“We can’t run quite the price level they do. We run specials that are comparable to what they run and we concentrate on the quality and the service aspect,” said Schwemin.

One way Schwemin is taking the quality and service aspects to a different level is set to debut in a matter of days. Cherry Creek is partnering with Rosie to offer customers the option of purchasing their groceries online and having them ready for pickup.

“This came out and we jumped on it and we’re going to be the first ones in the area with it,” said Schwemin. “You get our ad prices just like you would if you came in here. We have a lot of people that are working in Marquette that live out here. I think they’re really going to take advantage of this service. You can on your lunch break put your order in online and then drive up on your way home it will be all set, loaded in your car and go,” he added.

Schwemin plans to roll out the program to his customers a week from Monday. Online ordering will be available to customers Monday through Friday for a fee of $3.99 with a minimum purchase of $30 for any online order.

Schwemin sees this service as a big time saver for customers.

“Most households both parents are working to make ends meet. If they can save an hour from grocery shopping and have that convenience, I think they’re going to go for it. Just the aspect of more service; it’s what we’re known for,” he said.

Cherry Creek Market also has a home delivery option on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That pricing depends on how far you live from the store.

Schwemin thinks the online ordering system will be a big hit with customers.

“We’ve talked to a lot of our customers and they think this is going to be great,” stated Schwemin. “It will keep us in the forefront of everyone’s minds.”

For more information about the online ordering system that’s coming to Cherry Creek Market, click HERE.