MARQUETTE — An explosive event was held at the Marquette Regional History Center this evening, exploring the city of Marquette’s exciting past.

Explosions, fire, floods, and other fun stuff was the name of the one night event held by the history center’s historical story teller. Marquette has experienced its fair share of buildings burning down, blowing up, trains coming off their tracks, and other unique historical events.

The idea behind this event arose from looking at the distinctive photos available in the History Center’s research library.

“Well one of the things the history center has through the John M. Longyear Research Library is an amazing photo collection and we were going through the archives just looking at the pictures of everything that went up in flames or went down in explosions. I just thought to myself, we have to do a program about this, this is going to be so much fun,” said Historical Story Teller at the Marquette Regional History Center, Jim Koski.

Holding events such as this one, gives the public the opportunity to truly learn about the city they are residing in and understand how it was shaped to what it is today.

“I hope they go away with a bit of appreciation of how the city of Marquette has grown over the years and kind of risen several times like a phoenix among some of the ashes of its buildings and in some cases, some of its entire neighborhoods,” said Koski.

Although this was a one night experience, Koski hopes to have similar events in the future.