Local police warn of creepy clown sightings in the U.P.

MUNISING — Chief of Police John Nelson in Munising is warning residents of creepy clown sightings in the area.

According to a press release, over the past week the Munising City Police Department has fielded multiple complaints of people being intimidated or frightened by “Clown Sightings.” Police say they are aware it’s a hot topic both locally and nationally, and advised residents on what to do if encountering a creepy clown.

“First, if you see something, say something,” said Nelson. “In the event you or your child actually has a suspicious encounter with a clown, please call 911 immediately. Please do not waste time with second or third hand gossip, attempts to engage the individual, or sharing the encounter on social media.” Police say delayed or false reports are no good and only serve to increase alarm.

Nelson added that given the nature of the complaints the Munising City Police Department has investigated, they have no reason to believe that anyone is in danger at this time. “I have concern for the kid(s) who think there is no danger from this ‘harmless prank’ and do not want to see them on the receiving end of an upset parent or concerned citizen,” said Nelson.

The Munising City Police Department will investigate every reported “Clown Sighting” and if there is enough evidence the suspect could be charged criminally for Disorderly Conduct or Assault.