FLINT, MI — A Flint citizen has filed a complaint against Gov. Rick Snyder, claiming that the Governor broke the law when he approved $2 million in taxpayer money for his own criminal legal defense stemming from the Flint Water Crisis.

Keri Webber filed the complaint in Ingham County Circuit Court Tuesday. She’s asking the circuit court judges to approve a one–person grand jury investigation of the Governor.

The complaint alleges the Governor used public money for private use. Mark Brewer, an attorney with Goodman Acker, says that act by Snyder is misconduct in office.

“We’re not aware of any governor who’s ever done anything resembling this; sign a contract for services personal to himself, bypassing the entire procurement process, bypassing the Attorney General, bypassing the administrative board solely for his personal benefit,” said Brewer.

“And as the court conducts its investigation and it turns up other potential violations of the law, we can follow those as well,” added Brewer.

“I’ve got a 16-year-old with permanent liver damage, I have a husband who literally is, God forbid, a walking heart attack,” said Webber.

“This how Flint is right now. When you’re waiting for your friends, family and pets to die, but don’t sweat it we’re really not helping you but you can help cover my attorney’s fees? Somewhere you have to draw the line in the sand. And is my place,” said Webber referring to Snyder.

Webber’s daughter, husband and five pets are all dealing with some health issues as a result of drinking the lead contaminated water. The water line to her house has been replaced, but Webber says she won’t be able to use it for another two to six months due to ongoing testing. Her attorney, Mark Brewer was Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party for 18 years.

When asked by reporters, Brewer said that Wednesday’s announcement was not politically motivated.