Turkish Consul visits local University

MARQUETTE– Students at Northern Michigan University and the public got a chance to listen to a foreign representative today.

After spending his first year in Chicago, the Turkish Consul General Umut Acar stopped by NMU to give a presentation about counter–terrorism.

In this presentation he addressed the attempted Military Coup and dealing with the legal procedure to expedite Fethullah Gulen, a man believed to be behind the coup. Acar said he hoped that he could clear up some confusion Americans may have about current events surrounding his home country.

“I know that the only source of information for American people to follow these international events is media, the newspapers and television and I see that there is some confusion,” said Turkish Consul General Umut Acar, “I understand from my meetings, from my talks with the people in my area. So today I’m going to help them, if I may, if I can, help them understand and put into context some of the latest developments that happened in Turkey.”

Before becoming the Turkish Consul for the United States, he worked in Embassies in Bulgaria and Germany. Additionally he worked as a counselor for the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Turkey to the Council of Europe.