Michigan GOP Chair visits Upper Peninsula

MARUQETTE– The chairwoman of the Michigan GOP made a visit to Marquette to energize Republican voters and get them ready for the upcoming election.

Michigan Republican Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel stopped by the Republican field office on Washington street in Marquette to say hi to voters. The Chairwoman spent some time talking with voters and thanking them for their dedication to the party.
While she was there, Chairwoman McDaniel tried to encourage voters to not only get out to the polls, but to also get out and volunteer for the party.

“We’re 28 days away from the election, we need all hands on deck knocking on doors, talking to your neighbor, making sure you share the message of Gen. Bergman and our other candidates around the state,” said Chairwoman McDaniel, “We need to talk to them and get their vote out. It’s gonna be a get out and vote election; whoever turns out their votes gonna win.”

Chairwoman McDaniel recently denounced Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s 2005 so called ‘locker room comments.’ However, she says that she is fully behind the nominee and she sees many reasons why Trump is more suited for the White House than Clinton.