Locals party headquarters react to Presidential debate

MARQUETTE — Last night Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in their second debate at Washington University. Matt Miller talked to some local party members to see what their reaction was.

After last night’s heated debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, representatives from local Republican and Democratic parties say they are happy with their candidates performances.
Marquette County Democratic leaders say they feel that Secretary Clinton showed she hand the better grasp of the issues, experience and proper demeanor to lead this country. County Republican leaders say Mr. Trump handled his recently released two-thousand and five comments well, stayed on the offensive and was a straight shooter.

“I think, basically his strength was that he apologized for something done in a Hollywood setting and he just took the offensive instead of the defensive,” said Brendan Biolo, Marquette County GOP Chair.

“Well I think the debate last night, again, has shown us very clearly who has the qualifications, how has the experience and most importantly,” said Jack LaSalle, a member of the Executive Committee for the Marquette County Democrats, “who is fit to be President of the United States.”

Both candidates said they were optimistic about the November 8th election and emphasized supporters should not only think about the Presidential Race, but also the Congressional Race between Lieutenant General Jack Bergman and Lon Johnson.

However, they also said that members of both party should do something very important.

“I would encourage everyone to get out and vote. It’s very important that people vote,” LaSalle said, “we where blessed being born into this country in the first place.”
“On both sides, vote. V-O-T-E,” Biolo said, “Please vote because if you don’t vote; you can’t complain.”