ISHPEMING — With only four weeks left until Election Day, the race for incumbent Dan Benishek’s seat in the first congressional district is heating up.

ABC 10’s Chelsea Birdsall talked policy on a local and national level with the candidates in this week’s episode of In Focus.

The candidates, Democrat Lon Johnson, Libertarian Diane Bostow and Republican Jack Bergman, were eager to speak their minds.

“High speed internet, protecting social security, bringing a new Soo Lock – These are not democratic or republican ideas,” said Democrat Candidate Lon Johnson. “These are problems that we face here in Northern Michigan that we need answers to. We need someone to go to Washington and get things done for us.”

“Libertarians are fiscally very conservative. We are socially very accepting. I don’t know what right and left means,” said Diane Bostow, the Libertarian candidate. “If I’m in Congress, I’ll work with anybody that is a truthful, honorable person. There are good people in Congress. I want to find them and I want them to find me.”

“We have to work together to get hard tasks completed for the greater good of our country because if we don’t do that, our grand children, which I have eight of are not going to have the world that was given to us by our parents and grandparents,” said Republican Candidate, Jack Bergman.

To hear more about the issues the candidates weighed in on, tune into In Focus at noon on Sunday, right here on ABC10.