MARQUETTE– The National Weather Service Marquette’s weather radar is getting an updated processor.

Currently the technology in their radar is 20 years old, so this upgrade should make the radar more reliable and better able to process the data it collects. These updates should be completed by Thursday. Meteorologists at the NWS also hope that they will be able to use this upgrade to provide more precise information even faster in the future.

“Really the radar itself isn’t changing that much right now, but what we’re excited about is that this is going to take the technology to,” or change the technology to put the radar well into the 2030’s, make it last well into the 2030’s,” said Meteorologist Justin Titus, “so we’re excited about the possibility of new scan strategies and new technologies going into the radar.”

This upgrade cost around $55,000 dollars, but that money was already put aside by the Department of Defense, National Weather Service and Federal Aviation Administration. There are more upgrades planned for the radar in the near future.