Partnership kicks off Domestic Violence Awareness Month

MARQUTTE– The Marquette Women’s Center and Marquette County Law Enforcement came together to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month was kicked off at the Marquette YMCA with an appreciation luncheon for county law enforcement.

Each officer that showed up was given a purple ribbon magnet for their patrol car to help bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. The event was also a celebration of the partnership between the Marquette Women’s Center and law enforcement to help fight domestic violence.

“We’ve been working with the prosecutors office, law enforcement and people with the women’s center in trying to come up with a more effective, maybe more efficient way of handling domestic violence issues that we’re presented with in the county,” said Detective Captain Mike Kohler of the Marquette City Police.

“Law enforcement, a lot of times, are our first responders. They’re responding to the domestic violence,” said Karen Hattamer, DV coordinator of Harbor House, “they’re getting the call when there are situations.”

Part of the partnership between law enforcement and the Women’s Center is a $4,000, three–year grant that is intended to be used to improve the way the county deals with domestic violence.