MARQUETTE — A bold new opera has made its way to the U.P., giving residents a special chance to watch the Helsinki Chamber Choir.

The choir performed their opera, state of the union which addresses political and environmental issues of our time.
Tonight was the last performance by the choir at NMU’s Forest Roberts Theatre. After being founded more than 50 years ago, the Helsinki choir is the last remaining of Finland’s professional chamber choirs.

The opera being performed tonight was a group collaboration.

“We’ve worked on various projects including one above the artic circle and all kinds of really interesting things and this is actually the fourth time that Scott and I have collaborated. Usually doing music that stirs up interesting topics and bring them to the attention of people all around the world,” said State of the Union Composer, Eugene Birman.

This chamber choir travels internationally to perform at a variety of events. If you did miss the performances tonight, the Helsinki Choir is traveling around the state and will be back in the U.P. next week.