MARQUETTE — “There’s been something inside of me that’s been urging up since I’ve been 14–years–old and that is to be a superstar and be famous.”

Nicholas Cammarata wants to be famous. He wants to make it big in the music business. So in April, the then 20–year–old dropped everything and hitchhiked out to Los Angeles.

“I went out and manifested a dream and hopefully I can keep taking the right steps to get where I want to be,” he said.

The 2014 Marquette Senior High School grad left home without his phone, wallet, and no money. He didn’t tell anyone, including his parents.

“I had a lot of fear during the months that he was homeless in Los Angeles, combined with a lot of faith and a lot of hope, it was a difficult and an emotional time for me as a parent,” said Jenny Cammarata, Nick’s mom.

He lived on the streets of L.A. for months. Nick wants to ultimately make his mark in the music industry, as well as bring attention to something he’s been dealing with for a long time.

“I suffer from mental illness; I have my whole life with depression and other things along those lines,” said Nick. “I love to spread awareness about that. I get very down sometimes. When I get in the mood, I’m just working. My creative juices are flowing,” he added.

Nick spent the better part of the year bouncing from place to place. When his parents flew out to visit him for his twenty–first birthday, his mom reached out to Doctor Phil, hoping he would help her son.

“This was done as it was unfolding. They actually interviewed Nicholas before we even got to see him in Los Angeles. It was quite an experience,” said Jenny.

“My parents had a hard time with it,” said Nick. “The way I saw it was, I believe in myself so much. Even though I knew that may be hurting my loved ones and they’re struggling, I was just like when things go right and all this pays off, I believe they will look back on it and say all of it was worth it,” said Nick.

Doctor Phil is helping Nick out. He will fly next week to Dallas to a brain trauma center for an evaluation.

Nick said he suffered around 20 concussions during his hockey playing days. After that, he’s headed back out to L.A.

“I’m working on a mixed tape. My funds are super tight right now, so I’m just trying to network and really tell people that I’m a talented kick and if you throw recording time my way it will pay off.”