MARQUETTE — Firefighters in the City of Marquette are getting a raise.

A four-year agreement between the city and the Marquette Firefighters Association local number six-forty-three was approved by the City Commission Monday night. The agreement will provide a two percent increase in firefighters’ wages each year, starting October first.

The City of Marquette Fire Chief was very pleased with the outcome of this contract.

“There was a lot of positives that came out of it on both sides. We were able to raise our probationary firefighter wage and add in paramedic certification pay, and that also helped us as a department become more competitive with similar departments in recruitment and retention,” said City of Marquette Fire Chief, Ian Davis.

According to Chief Davis, this contract will also reduce the minimum time blocks for compensatory vacation time, which, in turn, will increase staffing throughout the year.

The rise in pay will also increase the contribution to the firefighter’s pension funds.