MARQUETTE — Lakeview Arena isn’t the only hockey rink in town experiencing a renovation of sorts. A new video scoreboard is currently being installed at the Berry Events Center.

The new scoreboard cost the university $400,000. At the NMU Board of Trustees meeting last week, President Fritz Erickson said the arena upgrade should be paid for in three to five years.

School officials decided to get the new scoreboard because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find parts for the old one.

“Sometimes things break, they get old and have to be replaced,” said NMU President Dr. Fritz Erickson. “You don’t replace something with old technology, you replace it with the best new technology. We got a heck of a deal on what we’re putting in, so we’re really excited about what this is going to bring to the fan experience, what’s available for hockey, for community use; it’s a very exciting addition for us,” Erickson added.

Installation of the new scoreboard is expected to wrap up Wednesday evening. To checkout the new scoreboard for yourself, the NMU hockey team has an exhibition game against the University of Victoria Sunday at 7:00 p.m.