Progress continues at Marquette Energy Center

MARQUETTE — The three engines that makeup the new Marquette Energy Center successfully made their way to the Board of Light and Power over the weekend.

For now, the three Wartsila Engines will remain on the same structures that were used to move them. Construction crews are currently prepping the engine haul and constructing a building for the energy center.

About a month from now, BLP Officials are planning on moving the three engines again.

“We hope that probably late in October we are going to take these engines and we’re going to marry them up to the ABB Generators which are coming in from overseas now,” said Paul Kitti, BLP Executive Director. “We’re going to slide those in on hydraulic rails, move them in to the engine haul, set units 76, 77, 78 in sequence in the engine hall, couple up the generators with those and then do all the auxiliary equipment and that.”

Each of the 300 metric ton engines produces 25,000 horsepower. In order to pay for the energy center, BLP customers will see a thirty percent increase in their electric bills beginning next month.