MARQUETTE — People went to the Peter White Public Library Friday with hopes that some of the things hiding in their attic were actually treasure.

The library held a two–day appraisal event, where residents could find out how valuable their antiques are. Mark Moran, a fixture on Antiques Road Show, has been appraising antiques for over 20 years.

Moran looked at a number of items, from bowls to vases and even old posters.

“For people with big things or fragile things or a lot of things, the home visit option has become a popular one. If I’m already in town for a program like this one, there’s no mileage charge. It’s just $75 an hour for an unlimited amount of appraisals during that time,” said Moran.

The proceeds from the event benefited the Peter White Public Library and anyone who was looking to attend could buy up to three tickets.