Annual Career Fair at NMU for Construction and Engineering students

MARQUETTE– For many young adults, college can be a time to discover what career path you want to take and networking is an important part of that.

Students gathered at the Jacobetti Complex this afternoon for the Construction Management and Engineering Technology Career Fair.

These students had a chance to meet professionals in the field they aspired to break into.

And for many it was an opportunity not only to find internships and first jobs, but also network and just get experience talking in a professional environment.

Career Service Assistant Director Melissa Sprouce said that “This is a really great chance for students to find an internship opportunity where they might be able to try out that job ahead of time and find out if that’s really what they want to do.”

Sprouce also said that “it’s a great resume building experience. It’s also a really great chance for our graduating students employment and be ready for graduation.”

“It’s kind of weird, I haven’t done anything really in the field yet,” Said construction management freshman Mikayla Bett, “so it’s just interesting to find out about different companies and their values and everything.”

33 companies registered for the event, making in the largest Construction Management and Engineering Technology Career Fair to date.