The Secretary of State's Office coming to students

A mobile Secretary of State office made a stop at Northern Michigan University today. The Mobile Office is stopping by 18 college campuses across the state as part of a voter registration drive.

Officials from the Secretary of State Mobile Office say the registration drive has been a success so far. Robert Gatt, the Mobile Office Director said that they had registered “probably around 500 hundred students so far and we’ve been to 5 campuses so far”

“we’ve had a great reception at every campus that we’ve been to, our numbers have been outstanding,” said Gatt, “a lot of students are really excited to get registered to vote and have their voices heard for the first time in this November election.”

Besides registering to vote, people who stopped by the Mobile Office had a chance to do anything they could do at an regular Secretary of State. Tomorrow the mobile office will be stopping at Lake Superior State University and will remain there until four in the afternoon. There’s still time to register to vote in this upcoming election, the deadline is October 11th.