Famous director returns to home roots

NEGAUNEE — A movie that was made in Negaunee and Ishpeming will be shown the next few days in those two cities.

Ishpeming native and Negaunee High School Alum Steven Wiig directed the half-hour comedy called, ‘Waiting for Wiig.’
Everything or everyone that Wiig used to make the movie- from the actors to the makeup and even the cinematography- was from the U.P. For Wiig, directing a movie back where it all started for him was something he could not pass up.

“It’s always been kind of a fantasy of mine to make movies back home because that’s what I did as a kid growing up,” said Wiig. “The local beauty is such an opportunity to capture that on film and a building like the Vista (Theatre), we had a drone coming down. I’ve never seen a bird’s eye view of Negaunee like that. And to implement it into a story line that’s going to be preserved for the rest of time is a really cool thing too,” Wiig added.

Waiting For Wig will be shown at the Vista Theatre tomorrow night and at the Country Village Cinema in Ishpeming on Thursday.
Both show times are set for seven thirty p.m. And you can get tickets at the door for $5.