Northern Michigan University celebrates Constitution Day

MARQUETTE– Our Constitution had its 229th birthday this weekend and Northern Michigan University took time to reflect on it.

The university held a Constitution Day panel this afternoon for students and it revolved around the Constitution and the upcoming election.

The panel consisted of three faculty members who talked about how the interpretation of the Constitution was becoming more affected by the politicians we elect. Organizers hoped that the Constitution will inspire students.

“I want them to leave with a sense of what an accomplishment it is. It’s the longest standing written Constitution in the world,” said Ruth Watry, professor of Political Science. “I’d also like them to be renewed as citizens; to go out there and want to vote, want to get involved and want to make a difference.”

Watry said this was around the tenth year public universities were required to celebrate Constitution Day. A big topic of the day was the recent vacancy of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia’s seat and Congress’s inaction of filling that vacant seat.