DNR to host open house over trail recommendations

A Mountain Biking Group is hoping to get a few more trails in the area and their proposal has been reviewed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Now the department is ready for the public to see the results. The DNR is holding an open house to detail their recommendations on how to increase the amount of non–motorized trails in Little Presque Isle.

Their recommendations will be shown tomorrow night at the Marquette Township Community Center from five to eight p.m.

“Well it’s more opportunity,” said DNR Depute Information Officer John Pepin, “once trails have been designated, the Mountain Biking Community would like to promote those trails as a destination.”

Pepin said the DNR is looking to strike a balance between providing the new trails and protecting the ecosystem of Little Presque Isle.

Some new trails could be created as part of their current recommendations. For the next thirty days after tomorrow, the DNR will be collecting public comments in regards to their new trail designations.