Copper Country celebrates cultural diversity

HOUGHTON — It’s like traveling around the world without leaving the Copper Country.

The population of the Copper Country is full of cultural and ethnic diversity and nothing puts that diversity on display better than the Parade of Nations.

The 27th annual event was held Saturday in Houghton and Hancock, featuring over 60 nations.

Michigan Tech graduate student, Akram Faridi, is from India. Faridi said, “It gives us a sense that America is really accepting of all the cultures and all the different things that come from various nations, and when you come to a different homeland and you get a chance to represent your country, that’s a great honor.”

The parade ended at Dee Stadium where the Multicultural Festival was taking place. More than 20 vendors served up some of their country’s favorite cuisine along with other items from their home.

Michigan Tech student Leah Teng is originally from China. Teng said, “This part here is from the C.S.S.A. (Chinese Student & Scholars Association). We’re selling dumplings and Chinese hamburgers and Chinese milk tea and mooncake.”