UPPCO releases corrected numbers on its rates

MARQUETTE — The Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) issued the following statement today:

The Michigan Public Service Commission has corrected some facts in a recent press release regarding UPPCO rates.
The new MPSC press release includes information correctly noting that residential customers using 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month will see an increase of $7.63 (6.81 percent) on their monthly bills over rates set in the last rate case, which was in December 2013.

As a result of the order, an average residential customer using 500 kWh per month will see an increase of $0.65 per month compared to what they have been paying under the rates that were self-implemented in March.
UPPCO is committed to improving communication with customers and wants to make sure customers have accurate information.

Customers will receive additional information with their next bill describing the investments UPPCO is making to ensure reliable energy for our customers and information about energy assistance funds that are available October 1.

(Information Courtesy of the Upper Peninsula Power Company)