Fans sign up for chance to attend NHL game

MARQUETTE — Imagine October 4th, when people will pack Lakeview Arena for that much anticipated NHL preseason game. Tonight was something of a preview.

The lines were long for the second night of ticket sign-ups. It’s lottery-based, so everyone’s got a chance to win spots. Over a thousand people signed up on the first night. For this one, about the same amount was expected.

“There hasn’t been too many NHL games in this town,” explained chairman for the event’s organizing committee, Doug Garrow, “I think one other one was back in the 50’s when the Red Wings played at the prison. So this is going to be the second one. And I think there’s just a lot of excitement in town regarding the upcoming hockey game.

The lottery drawing will take place September 25th. Winners will be posted in the Mining Journal or Lakeview Arena Facebook page on September 28th.

And if you are lucky enough to win, no worries about a cost. Kraft wanted to make sure income wasn’t an issue in getting to the game. So tickets are entirely free.