U.P. city has something new brewing in town

MUNISING — The City of Munising continues to be a destination for people of all ages. There’s a new brewery in Munising that’s getting ready for their grand opening.

For many people across the Upper Peninsula, Munising is best known for it’s beautiful views and tourist hotspots, but it wont be long before it’s known for more than just that. The East Channel Brewing Company is now open for business after nine long months of planning and preparation. Owners Ted Majewsky and Joe DesJardins say they have had a passion for craft beer for a long time, and the lack of options around Munising made it the perfect place to open a brewery of their own.

DesJardins: “I started home brewing about, like, 8 years ago. And breweries started to pop up and we thought it’d be a good idea, and up until a few years ago with Shooters and Pictured Rocks Brewing Company they didn’t have one. So now we’ve got a brewpub and a microbrewery here in Munising. With the locals, it’s a nice little neighborhood spot they can stop and something a little off the beaten path where we have live music and different things. And I think it’s something the tourists will enjoy too.”

Originally the duo wanted to open their doors earlier in the year in time for tourist season, but they decided to work on the quality of their recipes instead, a decision they feel has really paid off. Now with six solid beers on tap and brewing every single morning, they are looking to the future and what they’ll do next. DesJardins: “We’re going to do like a fall/autumn beer here with pumpkin and different spices in it coming up. Other than that, just basic ales to start. See-build our recipes up and see how they go and then go from there. And, you know, summer time do some summer time wheats and different things, and winter time do more little darker and roastier beers.”

They plan to unveil a few more beers at their grand opening, where there will be live music and potentially a local food vendor. DesJardins: “We’re doing our grand opening on October 1st, we’re still kind of planning it but we hope to have all the rest of our line-up of beers coming. We’ve got an I.P.A. coming. That fall-pumpkin beer. And we’re kind of spit-balling on the last one, what we’re going to do. We’re going to have three new beers.”

For more information visit our website at abc10up.com. From Munising, reporting for ABC10 and the CW5, I’m Trent Bailey.