Plea agreement keeps doctor out of prison for falsifying records

MARQUETTE — A doctor accused of falsifying medical records and several felony drug counts entered a guilty plea Friday morning in Marquette County Circuit Court.

Larry Carlyon, 65, pleaded guilty to one count of placing false information on a medical chart. As part of the plea agreement, he agreed to surrender his medical license.

Carlyon pleaded guilty to the same charge in June, but District Court Judge Karl Weber did not agree with the sentencing stipulations made in the original plea agreement. According to Carlyon’s attorney Karl Numinen, this plea agreement worked out much better for his client.

“The prosecutor and the police looked at 2,947 charts that he had and he pled guilty to placing false information on one of those charts,” said Numinen. “We also came to an agreement on the restitution amount. It went from $184,000 to $17,500; the restitution down to 10% of the claimed amount and one charge, one file. This matter is done.”

If Carlyon abides by the plea agreement, there will be no conviction on his record. His sentencing date is set for November 4th.

The original charges stemmed from an investigation by the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team in May of 2015, when detectives raided Carlyon’s office on West Washington Street.