MARQUETTE — For any city that resides near a body of water, marinas are awfully important. And so marina renovation discussions were the central topic at 300 West Baraga Avenue today.

The discussions date back to February, when the conditions of the Presque Isle and Cinder Pond Marinas were brought to light.

“Everything falls apart over time,” stated Marquette mayor, Dave Campana, in reference to the marinas.

How would they bring them back to good form? At the last meeting in February, three options were brought up. Tonight, one simple plan was presented: a single pier with thirty–two slips.

The mayor says, yes, that’s a small size, but this would allow the city to avoid being forced to put money into the marina. It would be self–paying, self sufficient, and revenue neutral. Essentially, that was the goal — finding a way to fix the marinas without spending money from the general fund.

Nothing official will be decided tonight, but stay with ABC 10 for updates from city hall.