MARQUETTE– Even though it’s still boating season is winding down here in the Upper Peninsula, being safe out on the water is still important.

The Coast Guard Station Marquette has some tips for staying safe in changing conditions. One of the biggest concerns to fall boating is fog. Life Jackets are as essential as always in these conditions; make sure all your passengers are wearing them. The Coast Guard also recommends that you bring a good sound–producing device with you.

“Something to make sound, so when you’re transiting through an area you can let other people know you’re in that area, said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Timothy Koscielny, and said you should “be listening for engine sounds and other boats around you.”

Make sure people know where you are while boating. Bring at least two devices you can communicate with, for example a cell phone. Also have a float plan, which lets someone know where you are go get help if necessary.

Petty Officer Koscielny said that “a float plan can include where you’re going, a normal track area that you follow, a fishing spot, places you come back to after coming off the water.”

If you do end up getting in trouble, you can contact 911 for help or use channel 16 on a marine radio to contact the Coast Guard. Always check the forecast and conditions before you go out boating.