Young professionals gather for 40 Below conference

MARQUETTE — Young professionals from all over the Upper Peninsula gathered at Northern Michigan University Thursday morning for a conference about professionalism and communication.

The conference, which was hosted by Marquette’s 40 Below, serves as the group’s keynote professional development event of the year.

This year’s theme was Work Hard, Play Hard and focused on issues relating to finding the balance between work life and personal life. Those in attendance heard from several presenters on topics related to communication skills, community engagement and basic business skills.

“With the professional development and the networking, its really cool to create a network of peers that you’re able to rely on, and to have funs, especially if you’re moving to the area or transitioning out of college,” said 40 Below President Victoria Leonhardt. “Having a group of people your age that are interested in similar things where you can come and create relationships that make you want to stay in Marquette County.”

Over 100 people from all over the U.P. attended the conference, including young professionals from the Keweenaw and Delta County.