Royales to go dormant for 2016-17 season

MARQUETTE — According to team owner Kevin Shupenia, the Marquette Royales will go dormant for the upcoming 2016–17 season. Shupenia says lack of ice time for practice was the main issue as both Lakeview Arena and the Berry Events Center wouldn’t be available to the team until later this month.

“We got word to the guys that committed to us and they just started bailing out because they weren’t going to be on the ice for another month. And it really caused a problem for us. We’re at 17 guys and we got a few guys in the pipeline. But once one guy starts going, next thing you know, the whole ship is tilting,” Shupenia said.

The team has been around for three years now and Shupenia said he really enjoyed being a part of the local hockey community.

“The fans have been loyal supports since day one. It was such a treat for these kids at this level of hockey to be able to experience that kind of environment. It’s made an impression on me in the three years we’ve been there, and a deep one at that,” said Shupenia.

The team will apply for re–instatement next year so there is a possibility that they return next season.