MARQUETTE — A new art exhibit will be opening up tomorrow at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center in the Peter White Library.

Greg Green, a U.P. artist will be displaying his collection titled, ‘Epiphanies and elephants’ throughout the next month.
This collection consists of abstract and expressionistic paintings. The ideas for this collection came from a number of different inspirations.

“I was trained in the Twin Cities and Kalamazoo so not as realistic art as you get with the influence of Lake Superior. I get some influence from the woods and the snow, I think the black and white kind of shows up every winter,” said Artist, Greg Green.

After going off the grid and living in the woods of Calumet, Greg had plenty of time to work on his artwork. The title of the exhibit has more meaning than meets the eye.

“Just the epiphany part would be the poetic part I guess, just kind of the work will hopefully knock you a little out of your everyday life and put you in a different space to contemplate and the elephants I use for imagery,” said Green.

The exhibit officially begins on Thursday with an opening reception at 6 p.m.