Lake improvements come to life in artist renderings

ISHPEMING — In May, the Ishpeming public poured their hearts into ideas for varied use of Lake Bancroft. Tonight, the community got its first chance to see a visual of its best ideas. Many of those ideas were brought to life through highly realistic artist renderings.

“We actually looked at and ranked the number of comments that we had. Folks are very proud of the site,” exclaimed Wayne Beyea, a senior outreach specialist involved in the project, “they want to be able to figure out how it can be further implemented in terms of the walking trail, better connection with Bancroft Lake, better use of the parking area, and really an overall asset for the community.”

After further review of possible ideas, people can expect the next step to take place in the fall.

“We will take all the comments together, look at the designs we’ve put together, make revisions to those, come back with a final presentation meeting later this fall, and then that will put the community and the Cliff’s Mine Museum in a position to be able to go over some future funding and implementation.”

By fall, design, planning, and funding recommendations will be prepared for future use of the sites.