REPUBLIC — Officials with the Marquette County Board of Canvassers conducted a ballot recount Wednesday morning to verify votes for one particular race from the August Primary.

On the democratic side of the ticket for the Republic Township Treasurer position, Kristina Koski defeated Faye Ann Mattila by five votes. After losing by such a slim margin, Mattila filed paperwork to have the ballots recounted.

The board of canvassers organized and recounted each of the 437 ballots from the primary by hand. After all of the votes were added up, it was determined that Koski did defeat Mattila by five votes, 194 to 189.

“I had nothing but faith in the election workers, so I had no doubt that no mistakes would be found,” said Republic Township Treasurer Kristina Koski.

“November still has to arrive and I have no doubt that the individual will run as a write-in candidate. All I have to do is have faith in my community that they know that I am the right choice,” she added.

Of the four 437 ballots turned in on Election Day, 57 of them did not vote in the Republic Township Treasurer race.

The general election is set for November 8th.