MARQUETTE — A fundraiser walk is coming up this weekend for a very special and talented woman in Marquette.

Amy Shreve was first diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year. Her and her husband are also known throughout the country for their musical talents. Members of their church came together to hold a fundraiser in order to raise money for any treatments Amy may undergo.

“Last October I was given a very rare diagnosis of a lymphoma, it’s call a double hit lymphoma with a burkets arrangement, it’s not burkets but it’s a very insidious lymphoma. Our friends, Dave and Erma Powers had this idea of doing a fundraiser walk for us because of all the medical expenses,” said Amy Shreve.

The fundraiser will have a variety of activities other than just the walk, and the events will end with a performance from Amy and her husband. One goal of this event is to give people in the community a chance to just celebrate life.

“How we feel inside emotionally as musicians, that’s what it’s all about and a time like this when these things are so important to be able to say thank you and to be able to celebrate life. I think that’s what were looking forward to, celebrating life,” said Amy.

The fundraiser will begin at 8:30 at Presque Isle Park and is free to anyone in the community. Additionally, rain or shine the concert will still be performed after the walk.