HANCOCK — The Houghton County Fair is underway.

The Houghton County Fair is never the same fair twice and with the exciting new additions this year is no different. With over 20 rides the Midway holds entertainment for both the casual rider and the daredevils.

Houghton County Fair Association Secretary Bonnie DeCaire-Jones said, “We have something for everybody! We’ve got a new carnival. We have Skerbeck this year. They have a lot of new rides and if you look behind me, you can see an absolutely
awesome ride (Supernova) that none of us board members have been able to talk anybody to getting on.”

You don’t have to be the one moving to enjoy a thrill. The Main Event Arena plays host to the Motorcross the Midwest Monster Trucks and the Demolition Derby. Moving underwater, the Live Shark Encounter.

Shark Encounter performer Philip Peters said, “I’ve got a 5,000 salt water aquarium with four nurse sharks in there. The biggest one is about seven foot, the smallest one about, close to two feet. The exhibit is open all day and then we do
shows where I go in, I’ve got an underwater mic, and explain about the sharks. It’s educational but, hopefully, a little entertaining, too.”

Wait, he said he gets in the shark tank? Isn’t that scary?

“No,” Peters said. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I know what to expect.”